Can I advertise my product on YouTube?

Without incurring expenses on ads, you can generate brand awareness organically. But, when it comes to achieving business sales, you need to start thinking beyond just building brand awareness. You need to have a budget towards advertising your products.

Now, there are several mediums through which you can advertise your products. These include Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Bing and a couple others. As it were, due to several factors, YouTube has begun to gain traction for product and service advertisements. Even more, YouTube is possibly the second most preferred option for paid ads that most marketers use today.

So, for a product owner asking, “Can I advertise my product on YouTube?” well, they can. Why? YouTube is the most exclusive platform for people to view videos. The stats are there to prove that. Every month, about 2 billion viewers visit YouTube.

Alexa reports that after Google, YouTube is the second most prominent website in the world. It is also recorded that about 85% of YouTube users are attentive to mobile ads. Moreover, another 85% of buyers have purchased one or two things on watching a video ad about it on YouTube.

So, with no indications of pacing down, YouTube adverts are on the rise aggressively. The performance metrics of ads on YouTube are way remarkable. So, the question “Can I advertise my product on YouTube?” may lead you to knowing how to advertise on YouTube. In this guide, you’ll discover important points about how to advertise on YouTube.


Can I advertise my product on YouTube?

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1.   Open a Google Ads account and a YouTube Channel

You may likely have done these. But, in case you haven’t, the first step to knowing how to advertise on YouTube is to set up your profiles on Google Ads account and have a YouTube Channel.

2. Upload your Ad

The moment you set up your profiles you can then put your video ads on YouTube. Beginning from your YouTube control panel, search for a tiny video camera image. When you click it, a menu pops up showing two options – “upload video” and “go live”. Just choose “upload video”.

From there, you will have options such as “Public”, “Unlisted”, “Scheduled” and “Private”. It is most advisable you choose “Private”. The result is that, without posting immaterial content, you can run targeted ads.


Can I advertise my product on YouTube?

3. Create a new campaign

Navigating away from YouTube, you can switch over to Google Ads. You can start a fresh campaign from there. Just choose “Campaigns” from the list of options available on the left side of the screen. The moment you get on this page, you can kickstart a fresh campaign by tabbing on the “+” sign or fresh campaign.

4.  Select your Goal

In a way, selecting your objective is voluntary. Google Ads affords you the option to continue without having to settle for a goal. However, it is advantageous to you to so do. The following are the options you may have to weigh:

  •     Leads
  •     App Promotion
  •     Brand and Product Consideration
  •     Brand awareness and reach
  •     Website Traffic
  •     Sales

By selecting an objective, Google Ads automatically suggests ideal campaign settings for your ads. Other than for promotion of apps, video ads are often available for all your options.

5. Choose your Campaign Type

You may now choose what campaign type you like to run. This option defines where your ads will be shown. Clearly, because we like to only respond to the question, “Can I advertise my product on YouTube?” we advise you to choose the video selection. That type of choice will, as a result, get across to YouTube users.

Can I advertise my product on YouTube?

Can I advertise my product on YouTube?

6.  Choose an ad layout

As it is, you will need to know how you can run your ads. Certainly, your options stand to vary depending on your objective.

These are more likely to describe your options in details:

  •     TrueView Ads
  •     Non-skippable in-stream ads
  •     Bumper Ads
  •     Sponsored Cards
  •     Overlay ads
  •     Display ads

All said, you can equally have the choice of setting up your ad sequencing. This applies to the process of displaying a chain of video ads to a particular person. A number or step becomes assigned to every video in the series. By so doing, they can be displayed in the appropriate sequence to a person ultimately. You can use Ad Sequencing for TrueView in-stream ads, bumper ads, or a combo of both.

7.  Organize your campaign

Possibly, you are going to start running something more than YouTube campaigns. So, configuring or organizing your campaigns is an important constituent for your repeated successes. It provides you a chance to alter your objective before continuing.

Also, you can name your campaign to enable you adjust the settings and closely watch its performance. After that, you can decide what your budget will be and the bidding method for the ads.

For your bidding strategies, you can enjoy six diverse options:

  •     Maximum Cost Per View (CPV)
  •     Maximum CPM – cost per one thousand times that the ad is shown
  •     Target CPA – automatic bids depending on some action charged at the CPM rate
  •     Target CPM – average cost per 1000 times the ad is shown
  •     Viewable CPM – cost per one thousand times ad was viewed
  •      Maximize Conversions –auto bids that Google sets up to bring about the maximum number of conversions to suit your budget

Can I advertise my product on YouTube?

Can I advertise my product on YouTube?

8.   Choose Keywords and themes

Added to choosing the person who will view your ads, you can also select the video types that will display your ads. As a result, you can carry out keyword research that’s associated with your brand. Also, find out what your target audience are most likely to be looking for.

Luckily, Google Ads is capable of generating keywords ideas for you the moment you enter a related site along with the products that you’re advertising.

After all, referring to “step 2” where you uploaded your video, you can then paste the video ad URL.

Can I advertise my product on YouTube?

Can I advertise my product on YouTube?


So, for every product owner asking, “Can I advertise my product on YouTube?”, if they can take to these eight (8) steps we have explained above, they’ll be capable of successfully advertising on YouTube. Interestingly, the presence and availability of Google ads simplifies the process of customizing campaigns ensuring they are reaching the exact audience.

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Can I advertise my product on YouTube?


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