Get Youtube Watch Hours Effectively With Golden Time Frame

It is one of the simplest, low-cost ways to get watch hours and views quickly for your YouTube channel.

So when is the Golden Time Frame? How do you determine that time frame? Let’s find out through this article!

What is YouTube Golden Time Frame?

The YouTube Golden Time Frame is the time you publish videos. Make your videos public on YouTube, accessible to anyone in the world.

It is time your videos reach a large audience. In the first 24-48 hours, you need to do everything to bring the highest amount of views and watch hours to your channel. That makes your channel highly appreciated by YouTube, and your videos will have more chances to be recommended.

When your video receives suggestions from other videos, it is an opportunity for your channel to get more views, watch hours, subscribers,… etc.


Most people have heard about publishing videos at 12 o’clock in the Pacific Standard Time zone to get the most views from South America and North America.

If you want your videos to be viewed all over the world, what is the best time to post them?

Stop guessing, you need to spend a little time and effort to find this time frame.

1. Publish your video in the morning – where the audience lived

It’s a way to ensure that your video reaches viewers during the peak hours when people are awake.

How do you know where your audience lives?

Access Analytics / Audience, you’ll know the countries where your channel is most viewed. 

After that, plan to publish the video around 6 am local time, then turn to test other time frames to find the best time to upload your videos.

Try different times to find the best time frame.

You can test many times with different time frames during the day. It may be early morning, noon, or evening to find out golden time frames for video publishing. It may also depend on the topic of your channel. For example, if your YouTube channel specializes in news, an ideal time frame may be early in the morning or the evening, people often watch the news at that time. Or the channel on the topic of dining, travel will have different golden time frames.

2. Publish videos before the channel has the most viewers

Publish your videos for a few hours before your channel reaches the most views of the day.

You need to know that the increase in views means that watch time on YouTube also increases. It is the best time for you to achieve your goals.

So how to determine this time?

Option 1: Access your Real-Time Analytics and check the “48 hours ago” chart. You will easily find the highest number of viewers at any time.

Option 2: Connect your YouTube channel with Google Analytics to get more accurate data: Daily and hourly statistics. It’s more than what YouTube Analytics offers.

After determining the exact time when your YouTube channel gets the most views. You need to publish the video a few hours before that time. You need to follow this time frame regularly because user habits can change. Follow to adjust appropriately.

3. Publish videos in a time frame with less competition

YouTube is the largest video platform today, thousands of videos are uploaded every hour in many different fields. As a YouTuber, it is inevitable to compete with others.

But choose a time frame to publish your videos appropriately. 

Uploading videos in the time frame with less competition will bring many opportunities for you.


You need to pay attention to festivals or important events where your audience is focused. Depending on the channel content, we may avoid publishing that day. Take advantage to increase watch hours, views, and subscribers.

Besides, you can schedule video publishing thanks to the feature on YouTube Studio. In this way, you can be sure that the videos will be uploaded on time you need.

In short, choosing a good time to publish your video is an integral part of your channel development strategy. Especially, if you want to attract audiences, increase watch hours, views or subscribers, always remember to “golden time frame” to share your videos.

Here are some time frames you can refer to:

  • From Monday to Wednesday: 2 pm to 4 pm
  • From Thursday to Friday: 12 noon to 3 pm.
  • From Saturday to Sunday: 9 am to 11 am. As such, the best day to share videos with high views on YouTube is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Don’t wait any longer, schedule videos to publish. I wish you success in attracting the audience for your YouTube channel in this way.

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