How Much Do YouTube Channels Sell For

Since its origin, YouTube has proved itself to be a leading platform of the digital industry. Whether you accept it or deny, the impact YouTube has caused on digital platforms is revolutionary. Do you know an estimated 50 hours of content is uploaded to the platform every minute? That’s the power of YouTube!

After this statistic, it is not a surprise that the platform is also playing a massive role in the marketing industry. YouTube has created overnight stars and millionaires and has proved to be an excellent platform for marketers and businesses to find consumers.

Anyone with internet can create a channel on YouTube, whether it’s for fun, engaging content or educational, informative content. However, with Google’s latest algorithms of Google in the past couple of years, making money from YouTube is not as simple as it was before.

Four thousand watch hours and 1000 subscribers are the criteria for YouTube monetization, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. While the perks are plenty, it is not easy to devour all of them without making some effort. Starting a channel from scratch can be one of the issues with this.

However, thank God for websites like ours, for you can buy a monetized channel and get started.  But before we get into the method and pricing, you must know why purchasing a monetized channel will help you or your business. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


How much do YouTube channels sell for?

Benefits of Monetized Channel

YouTube has different tiers of writers; anyone with up to 1K subscribers qualifies for Graphite, anyone with more than 1K and less than 10K subscribers is Opal, from 10K to 100K, you qualify for Bronze, and anyone with more than a 100K subscribers is Silver. The perks and benefits a YouTube creator gets depend on their number of subscribers. But overall, the following are the reasons you need to go for a monetized YouTube channel:

  •     As YouTube is one of the largest online communities, it allows you to expand your reach globally.
  •     YouTube analytics is a great way to track your performance and gain insights about your current performance.
  •     Flexibility to post and distribute content

How much do YouTube channels sell for?

How Much Do YouTube Channels Sell For?

If you are starting from scratch, you can sign up for the YouTube Partner Program in over 60 countries if you are eligible. However, if you are looking to buy an existing monetized channel, that’s also an option.

Do you ever wonder what a channel of one of the most popular platforms sells for? We are sure you do, and we are here to answer that question for you. The amount of money you can make or spend on YouTube depends on the types of ads. The payment due is decided based on per thousand views for each video.

It also depends upon the number of subscribers on the channel and the previous videos already uploaded if you decide to keep them. If a channel has a good number of views (more than 1000), you can monetize the old videos from your channel. Of course, the price is more for such channels where you can get monetization. If a monetized channel has a free Adsense account included in it, the channel’s price may vary again.

Prices At EazyViral

We at Eazyviral have different packages for you, in case you are looking to buy. If you are in search of a monetized channel, it costs $270. You can also get your watch hours boosted to get your channel monetized, here are the details you need to know:

  •     If you are looking for 1000 real subscribers, it costs $99 only
  •     If you are looking for 1000 watch hours, it costs $79 only
  •     If you are looking for 2000 watch hours, it costs $109 only
  •     If you are looking for 3000 watch hours, you will be charged $139 only
  •     If you are looking for 4000 hours, it costs $159 only
  •     If you are looking for 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, it costs $239

How much do YouTube channels sell for?

However, besides this, if you want to get your channel monetized, you need to come up with good content that complies with YouTube monetization policy and community guidelines.

Having said all that, YouTube is a platform for you, and they want to see your channel succeed, so they have created various courses for you to learn that aspiring YouTubers can use to monetize their channel and earn money. However, one piece of advice would be to make an investment one time and buy watch hours and subscribers instead of starting from scratch.

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