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Highest quality watch hours in the market
Quality is a top priority, we provide watch time for your YouTube channel with high quality and reliability with Organic traffic sources, ensure your channel gets the best watch hours.
Video length is not required

We can provide hours for all videos no matter how long or short is it. With a short average duration of videos, your channel can receive more views from 4000 watch time hours instead of focusing on a very long video. We understand how difficult for you to make high-quality content for 1 or 2 hours long. If you want to spread out watch time hours for many short videos, Eazyviral is the best choice for you.

Working with any YouTube channel

One of the most common questions is "Can I purchase and use Watch Hours service for my channel ?". Unlike other providers that need many conditions to launch, EazyViral can run Watch Hours for any YouTube channel, all you need is a video with 5 minutes or more in length.

100% public watch hours to apply the monetization

To enable monetization on YouTube, your channel must have achieved 4,000 public watch hours and reached 1000 subscribers within the last 12 months. Our service is 100% committed to watch hours assigned to your channel as "public watch hours" and is completely eligible to use to apply to YouTube Partner Program.

Project completion time is adjustable

Average project completion time: 3-10 days. Note that these are only average estimates.


Our watch time speed is completely natural and moderate, which is the recommended speed by experts. However, you can choose a fast or slow delivery speed if you want, let us know your request and we will do it.


The project completion time for each channel varies depending on the duration and quality of videos on your channel. If your channel has a short video duration, the completion time will be longer.

Watch time spreads out in many videos

By default, we will select the most appropriate videos on your channel to increase watch time, but if you wish you can still select your favorite video list and send it to us, we will increase the watch hours on the videos you request. To do that, paste the video's link into the "Order notes" section of the Checkout

Safe & proven marketing techniques

With modern and proven communication techniques. Besides, with the experience of serving thousands of customers, we are committed to ensuring your channel is completely safe using all our services.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We always put customer satisfaction criteria first.

Our commitment:

- For regular orders, 100% refund if we are unable to complete your order within 30 days.
- For orders with special requirements running slowly, 100% refund if we are unable to complete the order within the estimated time.

Lifetime Warranty

The warranty period for our watch hours and subscribers is permanent, if there are any watch time and subscriber issues please contact our customer service for help.

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You Want To Monetize Your YouTube Channel, But You Are Having The Following Problems

You Are Having A Difficult Start And Do Not Know How To Have A Lot Of Watch Hours

One of the most complexity for a YouTube channel as a beginner is that how to get lots of views and watch hours quickly to monetize. In addition, currently with more than 31 million YouTube channels, more than 720,000 hours of newly uploaded content every day, it is not easy for your channel to stand out and attract many viewers.

You Spend a lot of Time and Make Several Videos, but Watch Hours is not Good

Time is gold, the secret to success is rapid growth, but you are spending a lot of effort making videos without views. You spend a lot of time waiting for your channel to qualify for monetization, but it seems that the 4000 watch hours is not easy to reach. You're doing ineffective things and can not just sit around waiting.

You Are Missing Several Opportunities for Earning Money Just As You Are Too Slow to Strengthen YouTube Channel

YouTube was founded in 2005, since then, there have been a lot of Youtube content creators with more creative ways. To increase income, creators own multiple YouTube channels instead of just one. Therefore, the fact that you are stuck on one channel for a long time makes you do not have time to develop more channels, thereby creating more value.

You Spend a lot of Money to Advertise and Increase Views in the Usual Way But the Results Are Not Good

Even if you are using many types of way to promote your videos and get views, the effect is not high while the cost is so great.

You Do Not Know Whether Your Video Contents Comply with all Monetization YouTube's Policies and Guidelines

To protect users and provide a healthy online video environment, YouTube is increasingly tightening the usage policy, especially with regard to YouTube's monetization policy. Many policies are regularly updated by YouTube, but if you do not understand and follow, your channel will most likely not be considered for monetization. Imagine that if it took you 6-9 months to reach 4000 watch hours on your channel, but then your channel is refused to monetize as your content did not fit the monetization policy, which is a pity.

You Need Help to Develop Your Channel, but You Can not Find a Reputable, Efficient and Professional Service Provider

Finding a reputable and effective supplier is not easy in the context of many websites providing poor quality services and not caring about customers. But do not lose your belief as there are always professional companies that take care of customers carefully. Finding your beloved company that is helpful is wonderful

Why You Should Buy 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers?

Save a lot of Time and Effort

With our assistance, your work is just focusing on producing high quality video and uploading on your channel. Then, watch hours will continuously increase on your videos channel. We help promote and reach 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers on your channel continuously within 1-2 weeks at a completely natural speed. After reaching this number, you can start making money with Google AdSense on YouTube.

Absolutely Assured With the Assistance of EazyViral

EazyViral's criterion is to serve and bring customers the highest quality, most professional services and really help customers. We are confident of being a professional, high-quality provider related to Youtube services with real evidences and the history of customers success using the service

Develop More Channels, Earn More Money

Increasing watch time also gives you time to create more YouTube channels. You absolutely can create more YouTube channels to increase your other income by buying 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, which will create a source of profits in the future from your YouTube channels. Surely, this will be a great investment for your good content video.

Helping Your Customers, Your Relatives and Your Friends Succeed Like You

It's great if you can succeed on your YouTube channel, it's even better if you also can help your customers, your relatives and your friends to qualify for monetization and develop their channel in the future. In addition, you can make money with our Reseller and Affiliates system, you can help your customers and relatives and friends at a better price.

Reasonable Cost Compared to Other Investment Way

At the same normal cost, it can be difficult to get your willing watch hours. With the aim of achieving watch hours on your channel, purchasing watch hours is the most efficient way to ensure your Youtube channel's watch hours at a reasonable cost. Especially, EazyViral provide lifetime warranty service for watch hours to your channel.

Create a Monetization Channel and Sell for Other People 

With the current situation, the demand for monetization channel is high, a lot of people do not have a monetization YouTube channel to earn money. If you are confident in the ability to create numerous and attractive content, try making multiple channels for sale. It may not be easy, but with determination and experience, lots of individuals and team have success in this model. We believe that you can be one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Public Watch Hours?

With the latest YouTube policy update, channels require 4000 hours of public watch hour to be considered for monetization YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Public watch hours are the number of watch hours you get from your public videos. You will not get public watch hours from unlisted videos, private video and videos that have been deleted. Besides, views from Google Ads will not be counted in public watch hours.

Can I Buy YouTube Watch Hours?

Definitely! You can buy YouTube watch hours. More and more successful people on YouTube are develop their channel this way, focusing on building lots of videos with great content and high quality, then buying watch hours quickly. As a result, they have several channels system to turn on monetization.

Will My Channel Be Enabled Monetization After Using EazyViral's Service?

We do not promise that your channel will surely be monetized, it's true. For your channel to be monetized, the most important factor is the topic and video content on your channel, make sure you fully comply with YouTube's monetization policy. If you have any questions regarding video on your channel, please contact us for a consultation.

Does Your Platform Provide Real Watch Time & Subscribers?

At EazyViral, we provide the highest quality and reliable watch hours and subscribers service. Using a combination of modern marketing methods that have been tested, especially, we have helped a lot of customers succeed on their YouTube channel. With such quality of service, we committee a lifetime warranty for the two products, watch hours and subscribers.

Is 4000 YouTube Watch Hours Worth Buying in 2020?

As long as YouTube requires 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to be enabled to make money, it is always worth buying watch hours and subscribers. 2020 is a difficult year for the economy and global residents, so a lot of people have chosen YouTube as their second work.

Can I Get Refund?

We commit you to completing the service, watch time and subscribers within 30 days from the time you order. If finishing 30 days we still have not completed, you will receive a 100% refund and we will still continue to reach the committed number for you afterward.

What About Delivery Time? How Long Will It Take?

Average delivery time: 3-10 days

However, this time depends on the content of your video, the number of videos and the total length of videos hours on your channel. Please contact us for more detailed information about the delivery time to finish target.

What Payment Methods EazyViral Accepted?

We accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Western Union, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Skrill, Payoneer, International Bank Transfer

51 reviews for Buy 4000 Hours Youtube Watch Time + 1000 Subscribers For Monetization

  1. Hank Xue

    Hank Xue (verified owner)

    It is NOT a scammer!!!! Awesome service!! They delivered more than 4k watch hours on my channel within five days!!
    Highly recommended!!!!
    I am now crossing finger to the monetization of my channel, which is reviewing by YouTube.

  2. Dawit (verified owner)

    Real service 100% REAL

  3. Gwokban man

    Gwokban man (verified owner)

    I bought 2000 hours,Complete the order in six days。

  4. Al (verified owner)

    It worked for me! 4k watch hours in a few days, about a week to get into monetization!

  5. Michael

    Recently got mine and I just shared how much I earned from he first month:

  6. Aldin veseli

    I bought from this website before and I got what I needed now I’m about to buy a montized channel from him

  7. ray

    #1 service got what I paid for and a lot more. This guy is very honest and truthful and will not rip you off. he told me it would take 2weeks to get 4000 watch hour and it took 6 days Thank you for everything

    • Nhat Kieu

      Nhat Kieu

      Thank you so much! I’m very glad that you’re happy with our service

  8. Hamzah Allen

    Hamzah Allen (verified owner)

    It worked. Bought it, I got the subs and watch time in 11 days then applied for monetization. Surprisingly I got monetized a day later even though I read it could take up to 30 days but I’m not complaining. Great service!

  9. Tomy

    Is it real?

    • Nhat Kieu

      Nhat Kieu

      Hi Tomy,
      This is real service of course, thanks

  10. honest review

    Honestly after I put my order there were a little delay and because I felt insecure about it I put a PayPal despuite but the owner worked hard to finish my order very quick and professional. They added 4000 watch hours and I already had 2K watch hours
    My channel was monetized within 2 days after they finished my order .
    They will always have my business .
    It is hard to earn people business yes but it is harder to re earn unsatisfied customers service and they really re earned mine by following up with me and work harder than I expect .

    T’y guys

  11. Jin Rummy (verified owner)

    The service is legit. We got over 4500 hours in just 2 weeks. Thank you

  12. shubh zone

    Very nice

  13. Yousaf

    This is taking way too long, I don’t think it’s real guys

  14. Eric Backham

    Excellent communication and great service. Highly recommended! fast support answered.

  15. Zac P (verified owner)

    This is the biggest scam. They will not provide hours nor will they email you back. I have asked for a refund and am currently talking to paypal.

    • Nhat Kieu

      Nhat Kieu

      Hi, Zac – Thank you for your review. This is real service and it helped people to get public watch time not scam one, it will take time to deliver watch time to your channel ( from 1-2 weeks ), this is not instant service. You no need to ask PayPal because we have the money-back guarantee, you received Full Refund, thank you!

  16. Mahfuzur


  17. Aldinveseli

    Really good people delived subs and watch time in only one week this is legit awesome thank you eazyviral

  18. Ricardo Cuinas

    Ricardo Cuinas (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  19. Erica (verified owner)

    Very Fast delivery I highly recommend if you guys need to contact them go to there Facebook page they will reply you guys back. I got my 1,000 watch hour for 1 week fast delivery and I got my 500 subscribers plus more double in 1 week no kidding. I got my Youtube Monetization in 1 week. I highly recommend great service. 😀

  20. Jessica Cavett

    Jessica Cavett

    I will be purchasing hope it works

  21. B.K. (verified owner)

    Kieu was patient and delivered way more than I was expecting. Sincere thank you and being so kind and patient with me. Have a great day

  22. Derrick Houston (verified owner)

    It took about 2 weeks but all the watch hours I ordered got delivered to my channel. A few hiccups here and there but EazyViral’s customer service really came through for me. Now my channel is getting reviewed by YouTube for monetization :). These guys are reputable and REALLY do work. THANK YOU EazyViral :D!

  23. Enissa (verified owner)

    Good job. Order delivered as described.

  24. Mohamed Bah

    Just testing if this is not fake

  25. Maaz (verified owner)

    Excellent communication and great service. Highly recommended!
    delivered what they promised.

  26. Martin Moreno (verified owner)

    Great service absolutely recommend

  27. Martin Moreno (verified owner)

    This service is outstanding I got over 1000 watch hours in just one day. If you’re looking to monetize your channel I highly recommend you use this service it’s a 10/10 5 stars.

  28. ctv

    Can the content of the 30-minute video be in a different language? I want to buy a 4000 watched hours and it says I need a video file for at least 30 minutes. Can someone let me know please? I can’t find the way to ask the question their support page. Thanks a lot.

  29. Junior (verified owner)

    My channel monetized with this service, woww, Good job and Thanks you so much. channel monetized very faster.

  30. Deepak Bhabar (verified owner)

    monetization now nice job

  31. Ethan Mark (verified owner)

    They promoted my videos with video ads on Youtube, my friend saw my video and told me that :), I’m very satisfied with this service, they using real views on my channel. Many thanks!!!!

  32. Thom

    planing to buy youtube hours, not sure if it’s trusted provider, checking if this comment go straight away to review.

  33. Charles Java

    My order for watch time stuck somehow :/, I was scared and I try to contact them for fix it, they was response very fast and fix the problem immediately. The watch time is good, now I’m only waiting for the channel approve…..CHEER!! thank you eazyviral, good service as you promise

  34. Ling Zhang

    I’m very happy when bought 4000 watch time from this company. Kieu is very knowledge and he is an expert on Youtube, finally my channel can earn money, thank you so much!!!!!!!! I’m very high recommended this company!

  35. Maksim Maksim

    Got 1000 subs in very short time, will order more 4k hours :). Thanks for the coupon code

  36. Md Saidur Rahman

    Hello, This is my real reviews on EazyViral. The supporter is an expert, and he is professional, he help me every question I have, he help me solve the problem on Youtube, he also have support in Skype fast response and REAL service!!!! If I can give 10 stars then I will. Very recommended this provider for you guys…Will definitely buy more!

  37. my channel name is; lajupog sermons and animals

    2000 watch hour for my channel within 3 days

  38. Somani

    Very good company, awesome supporter.

  39. RoB

    Enabled monetization for my channel with this service, excellent works — many thanks

  40. Remon Abdo

    My channel monetized, Thanks!

  41. Surga B

    The watch hours increase gradually on all of my videos. This service is great, fast support answer

  42. Eun

    나는 4000 시간을 샀고 정말 효과적이었다.

  43. LeminoT

    This is my favorite provider for watch hours on my Youtube channels, they’re professional, fast results and guaranteed. Don’t lose your money on cheap service.


    I love this place. Ordered watch time for my 8 channels, 5 approved for monetization, 3 in reviews, will order more. Thank you EazyViral 🙂

  45. None ya business

    testing to see if these reviews are legit.

  46. Sahil saifi

    I have no money. I have only 1500 rupee only please give me 4k watch hour

  47. Monica Bansal

    Fast delivery, good results. Greeting from India

  48. XinZhan Wang

    It’s lost many time but I still not have enough 4k watch hours. Ordered 4k hours from this website and get enough 5 days later. Now Youtube reviewing my channel for monetization, hopefully everything go well. Thanks

  49. Dee Kyo

    Amazing service. Best in the market! Thank you EazyViral my channel approved for monetization

  50. Duppy

    Just started out my YouTube gaming channel, bought 1000 subs and it works, fast delivery and my channel finally enabled for monetization. My Youtuber dream come true, thank you EazyViral!!! <3

  51. Mai Dai Phong

    I got 4k watch hours on my video and my channel get enabled for monetization, this service is working!!! thanks

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