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There’s no mincing words when it comes to the popularity of Facebook: with over 2.7 billion monthly active users, its standing as one of if not the most influential social media platform there is can’t be understated. Everyone knows this, businesses and brands know this. It’s crucial that you have a great presence on Facebook as it can provide a path to success.

But it’s not easy, at all. The high population of Facebook means that you will have a lot of competition, no matter in what field. You will have to compete for likes, comments, shares and so on. These are the main interactions that everything on Facebook revolves around. But you can’t just generate them out of thin air.

In fact, in order for people to know you first, you have to build trust. You have to show to people that you’re worthwhile, that you have the potential to be what you promise. Sticking with your promise is one thing, but getting people to believe in promises and acting on them is another – one that is much more tricky.

It is tricky because of the nature of businesses. People tend to only write reviews if the product’s not up to par, but refrain from doing so if it works well. Such is the nature of human psychology. Yet, to operate well on the website, you will need a lot of good reviews to accumulate into a Facebook 5 star rating. One too many bad reviews can totally ruin your day. 

Having authentic reviews will be difficult for the reasons mentioned. Which is why if you buy Facebook reviews you will get a great headstart. Good reviews will decide your page’s rating, so you can basically kill two birds with one stone. To see why this is so, you must first learn how things work from Facebook’s own standpoint.

What are Facebook 5 star ratings?

Facebook changed its rating system a while ago. You can now no longer manually rate a business, but instead you will be asked if you will recommend it with a simple “Yes” or “No”. In this new climate, it’s crucial that you get to know of all the contexts and available information first.

Facebook’s old manual rating pattern is also used by plenty other major review websites, namely TripAdvisor and Yelp. So this change is new and unique. But just because it’s different from the existing common system, it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. In fact, there are a lot of reasons for Facebook making this change.

These days, when you go to a Facebook page to leave a review, instead of having a 1-5 scale to leave a review, you will be asked to leave a yes-no recommendation instead. You will then be prompted with a text box where you can write anything you want about the page in 25 characters or more. There are options of privacy for this post, publicly or privately, but only public recommendations will get to be included in the page’s rating.

A page’s rating will then be determined by multiple different factors, such as past reviews or the recommendations that customers share. Note before proceeding further that only pages that allow recommendations will be able to show a rating, or pages that have enough recommendations. A Facebook 5 star rating will mean that your page or business has only positive recommendations, or the huge majority of them.

Why did Facebook make this change? It might very well be because multiple-choice rating systems are flawed afterall. Customers have the tendency to not give a 5 star rating because a 5 star means perfection, and there really isn’t anything utterly perfect. The higher number of options also means customers will be more hesitant to choose, since sometimes they don’t really have a strong opinion about a page. 

There’s also a risk of interpreting a rating differently. Different customers will see the ratings in their own unique perspective, so the rating’s weight is volatile under a different lens. The current system is more straightforward. It presents a binary decision to the reviewers, and the rating that comes from it also tends to be so, since decisions are now not ratings-based and less versatile.

But why should you buy Facebook reviews? Couldn’t you just gain them via traditional methods? To see clearer why this is, we will have to delve into more analysis.


Why should you buy 5 star Facebook reviews?

Why the need to buy Facebook reviews? Is this cheating? Why shouldn’t you earn your page’s popularity and the trust of customers with normal, usual means?

The answer is that it’d be incredibly difficult. Facebook is amazingly widespread with a fantastic reach means that not only you will have to compete for local audiences, you will also have to take note of any potential market out there. Facebook gives you an incredible arsenal to connect with your customers, but this also means that millions more will take advantage of it just in the same way you do.

Doing it the authentic way will be difficult for this reason. You need to gain an advantage for yourself, even if it’s not genuine. A way to do this is to buy Facebook 5 star ratings and Facebook page reviews. 5 star ratings reviews will push your page into a whole new level of popularity since people will be heard of your page more and more likely to trust your products. 

Facebook post likes, video views and whatnot will follow as a result of this trust. A five star rating reviews buy does not come exclusively, but it’s an indication of the brand and page’s trustworthiness itself. If you buy Facebook reviews, you will be able to really leap ahead of the competition and fully benefit from Facebook’s most useful and effective tool for business marketing.

Facebook 5 star ratings will additionally help lean people more towards positive recommendations, which means they will be less likely to leave a ‘no’ due to the effects of crowd psychology. Because of this, a decent to good page might be able to compete against, say, a fantastic page, because all 5 star ratings are equal. This is fantastic news for small businesses who want to succeed in a saturated market.

Buying Facebook page reviews is a good and effective way to boost your business’ image to a whole new level. Moreover, if you’re a startup, there are a lot of things you will have to deal with and generating organic positive reviews on top of it all will be unnecessarily draining. By gaining a 5 star Facebook rating this way, you’re guaranteed that you have a nice head start and can get on with promoting your page better.

There are still inherent risks when you buy Facebook reviews, however. If they come from fake Facebook accounts, Facebook will detect this and your account might be hit with a warning and lose all ratings. It’s of utmost importance that you buy Facebook reviews from trusted providers. EazyViral is one of the best at it.

Why choose EazyViral to buy Facebook 5 star rating?

There are many choices for providers and services when it comes to buying 5 star Facebook reviews on Facebook, but if you have to choose one, it can’t really get any better than EazyViral.


High-quality and authentic

If you buy Facebook reviews with EazyViral, you will be treated to high-quality services, which in this case are permanent and proper ratings. The recommendations that give your pages their Facebook 5 star ratings will come from real, actual users. The ratings will stay there permanently as they won’t get the recommendations back or delete the posts.

EazyViral’s reliability is something that you won’t have to worry about. It has served thousands of customers all over the world with a high success rate, so you can rest assured that what you buy is what you get. Having a genuine five star rating for your Facebook page will push you ahead of the competition and things like Facebook likes or comments will follow naturally.


If you add to cart some Facebook ratings for your Facebook page from EazyViral, you will get fast delivery and a proper money-back warranty to make sure that you’re comfortable with the purchase. There will be a wide variety of options regarding packages, so you won’t feel like your needs are unfulfilled.

The comparatively low prices of EazyViral also can be a big factor when taking in the results. EazyViral also allows you to pay for 5 star ratings reviews in many different methods to your liking, so that you can rest assured that the transaction is risk-free.

How to buy Facebook reviews on EazyViral?

It can’t get easier with EazyViral. To buy Facebook Reviews from us, you only need to go to the Facebook reviews or rating page of the website, then paste in the url of the Facebook page that you want to receive 5 star reviews. There will be a number of packages with different pricing for you to choose from. After you’ve decided, click on “Buy Now”, which would take you to the Cart and then the Check Out page.

When there, what you need to do is filling in all the correct information as well as choosing the payment method of your choice. After that, you will be detailed about the estimated time that the package will be delivered. If you’d like to know more or if there’s something troubling you, contact us! There’s also an online consultant ready to answer your inquiries immediately.


Can I buy Facebook 5 star ratings?

These days and age, a lot of businesses and brands have to resort to alternative ways in order to gain the upper hand against their competition. It’s only suitable that you do the same too, lest you risk falling behind. There are a lot of providers out there that deliver high star ratings – exactly what you need, but EazyViral is the best among them, with terrific high quality and customer-friendly services.

Am I covered by a warranty when I buy 5 star Facebook reviews?

Absolutely. EazyViral put customer satisfaction as the first and most important criterion. You will get your 100% your money back if EazyViral fails to deliver on the package. Contact us for more warranty information on individual purchases.

Is it safe to buy Facebook reviews?

With EazyViral, you’re guaranteed to receive a genuine rating that comes from real people, which enables you to promote your page much better than doing it the authentic, organic way. At the same time, since real people are the ones involved instead of bots, the risk of being detected by Facebook is extremely minimal to zero. EazyViral’s support team is also available 100% to solve your issues at a moment’s notice.

How long does it take for my package to be delivered?

Depending on the package the estimated time can range differently. You will be contacted immediately once the purchase is completed and will be detailed on the time of completion. For special orders the estimated time might be longer. 

What payment methods does EazyViral accept?

You can pay for the package in a wide variety of ways, depending on what you feel as most convenient and comfortable. Namely, we accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Western Union, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Skrill, Payoneer, International Bank Transfer. 

Contact us if there’s anything else you need to know.