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It can be quite challenging to attract high-quality views to your videos, calling for the need to buy high retention YouTube videos.

One of the utmost important factors that impact your YouTube channel are the numbers of views. However, the story goes beyond the amount of views you have; they need to be quality views, also known as high retention views.

They’re beneficial in promoting fundamental aspects to grow a YouTube channel, including your target audience, your ranking on YouTube search, exposure to viewers, and more!

Without further ado, let’s dig into the details!

What is High Retention YouTube Views?

What is high retention YouTube views?

High retention YouTube views come from viewers that watch your videos for a long time; the longer, the better, ideally your entire video – from the very beginning to the last second.

That way, viewers are more engaged with the content or message you’re trying to convey as they find your video interesting, informative, helpful, etc., which is also the reason they stay until the video ends.

Consequently, the videos viewed by these people will attract even more new viewers to watch your content – a continuous loop!

So, how is a high retention view any different from a regular view?

YouTube will count a regular view if a viewer watches your content for a minimum amount of at least 30 seconds, meaning that if they click on another video after 30 seconds, the 30-second they spent on watching your video would still be counted as a valid view.

See how big the difference is between the two types of view?

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Real Targeted YouTube Views?

Increase Audience Retention

Audience retention is one of the most important factors for YouTube’s algorithms to judge your channel performance.

Let’s say you have just published a 10-minute video. If people watch your video for an average of five minutes, your viewership retention on that video is 50%.

So, the longer people stay to watch, the higher your audience retention will be, helping you to thrive on YouTube with your videos.

Get More Hours

Your videos will also get more Watch Time hours since these are views with longer viewing duration than regular views on YouTube.

For example, in a 5-minute long video, retention views will be from viewers who stayed to watch for more than three minutes or more, unlike regular views that come from viewers who only watched for roughly 30 seconds.

An Influence on YouTube Ranking

In case you didn’t know, the Retention Rate is one of the metrics to help YouTube rank your videos in the search engine. The more retention views you have, the higher your videos will be on YouTube ranking.

That being said, if you want to rank higher on YouTube, buying views is the best option for you. However, try to buy from a reputable service provider that supplies high retention views.

If you happen to buy from a cheap provider, the views are likely to have a low retention rate; it’s the same as when a viewer clicks to see your video, then immediately click on another video within seconds.

Why Choose EazyViral?


Provide High-Quality Views

EazyViral guarantees to only provide buyers with high retention views from real, active YouTube subscribers. The views are promoted through Google Ads, so you can be certain that this act won’t violate YouTube’s terms of policy.

Buy Cheap High Retention Youtube Views

EazyViral is one of the few service providers to offer such a competitive price compared to other sites on the market. 

Of course, you have the option to buy YouTube views service from any provider at an even lower price than EazyViral, but the quality of the views you will be buying can’t be certified.

They can be from fake accounts or bots, resulting in your video being taken down from YouTube when the algorithms detect any faux act. Or even worse, your channel will be banned from YouTube permanently!

The Best Place to Buy High Retention YouTube Views

EazyViral has managed to remain in its top position in the industry for years. The service provider is trusted and highly appreciated by former customers, proven by the impressive feedback on TrustPilot.

Part of this credibility is thanks to the 24-hour customer support to help you deal with any question you encounter before, during, and after purchasing our service.


Can I buy high retention YouTube views?


Contact EazyViral if you want to know more about their services as they have different packages to meet your diverse needs and budgets.

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

Your order will be placed in the first 24 hours, and you will receive it in the next 48 hours.

Yes, it takes longer than when you buy regular views, but these are reliable, high retention views we are talking about, folks!

Is it safe to buy high retention views?

It is 100% safe to buy high retention YouTube views at EazyViral; this we can ensure you.

Will I get a warranty for my bought views?

The warranty is valid for 30 days from the day you make a purchase.

What payment methods does EazyViral accept?

The service accepts different payment methods, including PayPal, Payoneer, Perfect Money, Skrill, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Western Union, and International Bank Transfer.

In Closing

To buy high retention YouTube views is one of the best ways to grow your channel on YouTube – the future of digital marketing. 

More and more people are starting to implement this shortcut to build their YouTube empire, why wait and let your profit-making chance slip? EazyViral is just one click away! 

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact the EazyViral team!



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