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Buy Instagram Likes – The Surprising Benefits That You Never Hear Of!

Has it ever occurred to you that simply by buying likes, your Instagram career can take one big step forward? Allow us to enlighten you on this matter!

What are Instagram likes?

Under each Instagram post, you can see the number of people who have pressed the heart-shaped like button – the symbol of likes on Instagram itself. This number can be anywhere between a few likes to millions of likes in the case of celebrities and Instagram stars and is the ultimate indication of the popularity of a single post.

Even though Instagram has revealed the plan to hide this number for some users, the real likes on Instagram don’t go anywhere. Under the hood, the system and algorithm of Instagram still retains these likes and takes them into consideration when it displays search results. Besides the number of followers, it’s still crucial for most influencers, content creators, and business owners to maintain a high quantity of likes across their posts. 

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Why you should buy Instagram likes

Create more high-quality content with likes in your Instagram profile

Even if you have plenty of well-made posts in your profile, this means nothing if there are virtually no real likes or comments attached to them. As a social media account, your page should have a lot of interactions and engagement between you and other Instagram users, especially those who find your content interesting and useful. A graveyard is what you will find your profile becoming if the Instagram likes and comments it generates are as close as zero.

If you have neither time or budget to get real Instagram likes to come to your Instagram account in a massive amount, the only way out of this hassle is to buy Instagram likes (and perhaps buy follower IG if you can dig deeper into your pocket)

Give a good impression to viewers with more likes on your posts

Among more than 1 billion monthly active users on this platform, counting Instagram likes is usually the most reliable way to tell high-quality content apart from the oceans of countless posts submitted into Instagram every day. Everyone has their attention drawn into popular posts with a high number of interactions, including comments and likes, and it is because of these posts that persuade them to the Explore page. These numbers on your Instagram account and posts are easy to recognize at first glance and make multiple pictures of yours stand out among other content in their feeds.

On the other hand, no one wants to stick around or even check out an Instagram account with a low level of engagement from other users. When this is the case for your page, even if you have managed to encourage some users to visit it, they will turn away quickly after seeing an underwhelming number of likes on your Instagram.

Credibility is critical in the era of influencer marketing, especially on popular social media platforms. You can do this in a professional way by using providers with a strong track record (like Eazyviral) to ensure that your target audience will have a good first impression and repeatedly throwing you more likes on Instagram

Buying Instagram likes helps approach other potential users

Even if you already have a solid following, and have no trouble getting likes, it’s never a bad thing to attract more users to your Instagram profile by increasing the likes you have, and by that we mean buy Instagram likes with fast delivery. This will extend your social media reach, allowing more users to know about your content and brand and boosting your Instagram account credibility and reputation in return.

If you are a content creator, a higher number of high quality likes will help spread your works to real people. And when you maintain your business on Instagram, services will help you access potential customers through Instagram’s algorithm that favors the posts with more interactions.

Buy Instagram likes to increase the number of followers

A higher number of real likes on Instagram with fast delivery will not only bring more engagement immediately but also help you grow your audience in the long term, which is arguably even more important for your Instagram page. A surge of new followers (again, if your financial status allows, consider buying followers for Instagram as well) usually comes after an increase in likes, and unlike the interactions in a single post, this following usually stays steady and only goes up over time. 

This, in turn, makes sure that multiple pictures of yours in the future will at least see the same active engagement, thus boosting your social media reputation.

Buy Instagram likes instantly with fast delivery to save time and effort

A professional service provider will take care of everything for you and provide real likes with instant and fast delivery when it comes to getting your name known across social media in general and Instagram. In particular, they can bring high-quality, real Instagram likes with instant delivery, making sure that you can have more time to focus on your content and business. 

There is nothing more straightforward than that. Just give it your real Instagram name, the plan you want to buy, and the rest (likes and all) will be given to you on a plate. They will split likes across multiple pictures for you with instant delivery.

The process is entirely automatic, so you should never worry about it again. After buying Instagram likes with fast delivery, you can spend your precious time on your next project with multiple pictures instead of losing sleep over engagement in your Instagram page.

How to get more likes on Instagram

Get likes for Instagram by creating high-quality content

This might sound too obvious and easy-to-understand because, at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to post as much good content and earn back just as many real likes from real people as possible? But this simple principle is also what most content creators usually overlook and forget when they are preparing their next Instagram posts.

Before we dive into the best tips and tricks, you should always learn more about producing better content with multiple pictures at high quality for your real Instagram followers. A wise user and brand can always tell whether an influencer on Instagram has put adequate resources and time into their posts. As a result, there is no way to cheat or even get around this by getting help from a third party completely, unless you want to transfer the content production to them entirely.

‘Creating high-quality content’ is so vague and abstract that no one in the world can show you a definite, one-size-fits-all answer. But apart from that, there are so many things you can actually do to improve the quality of your social profile and get likes from more real people.



Understand your audience

First thing first, accept that you can’t build content that is appealing to everyone on the Internet – the fact that even the biggest Instagram stars and brands must know. You should not set that as a goal, either. If you can convince a small portion of billion Internet users around the world, you will already have a sizable following, which means a massive load of real Instagram likes. This is where you should put some heart into it.

Know who your target audience is, where they come from, what they want from you, and how you can live up to their expectations. Be real and comfortable with these facts so you won’t make content that your fans feel boring or even despise. Give them what they want, appeal to them, get to know them better, and then eventually, they will come and hit that likes button

Instagram, like other social media platforms, has a simple working mechanism. Make your viewers happy, and the number of followers and high quality likes will go up in no time.

Post consistently

You should treat your Instagram profile as a full-time job. Millions of pictures get posted on this platform every day, so even your most loyal fans will head into competing accounts and give them real likes instead once these people can’t see any new content from you in the meantime.

How can you get more likes when you just post occasionally a few times in a month? There is even a high chance people will forget your existence and whether they have followed you.

Having a consistent content schedule is crucial to the number of likes in your page. Your followers will be more likely to see multiple pictures of yours in the app, which helps cement your position and brand in their minds. On top of that, Instagram’s algorithms also favor active profiles that produce content on a constant basis and recommend those posts to more users – another organic source of real Instagram likes to get right at your fingertips.

But by saying that, you should not churn out post after post with only fishing for real Instagram likes in mind without considering other factors. You don’t need to schedule multiple pictures for a single day as a post every other day should be enough. What is more important is to keep doing that consistently and don’t break this for no reason, that is the key factor to get your account to the top.

Stick to a theme

Aesthetic color schemes for multiple pictures are what set Instagram apart from other social media platforms. Making your profile impressive and cohesive will make multiple pictures of yours more memorable to real people, prompting them to give you more real likes than ever.

But this doesn’t mean you should try out every new appealing style out there because being consistent with your photo style is one of the key factors that helps your Instagram stand out and attract more real Instagram users.

Choose or buy just a few filters (ideally just one or two) for the photos on your account to build a unique visual identity. This will improve the chance of viewers recognizing your photos and bringing more quality likes.

Post only high-quality photos

As we have mentioned, in order to grab some high quality likes, creating multiple pictures of high quality is easier said than done, a no-brainer but also what most people overlook.

If your photo is too dark, pixilated, out of focus, or blurry, viewers won’t know what they are viewing, and you won’t get many likes from them. This can get even worse when they can compare your ugly photo side by side with other polished, sleek pictures from other Instagram accounts.

This rule also applies to graphics. If your images have a weird composition or too many fonts at different sizes, when people use the Explore page, they are not going to stay with your posts for more than a second. Instead, they will split likes to other accounts, and as a result, you will not get any quality likes from them.

You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer or photographer in order to produce aesthetically-pleasing photos. There are numerous simple tips that you can implement to make multiple pictures of yours look better right away and turn it into a real likes magnet. For example, you can sit near a window to get better lighting, do some cuts to improve composition, or even upgrade to a higher-end phone or camera.

Remember, please your audience with excellent photos, and they will reward you with plenty of real likes.

Follow trending topics

Here comes another best tactic to pull in even more Instagram likes. Instagram users have a tendency to search for similar posts when they find a topic interesting in the Explore page. You can capitalize on this behavior by finding the topics that are sweeping through the Internet and do your best to provide relevant content.

This approach is more flexible and opens more options than you may think. For example, a funny meme that seems to have nothing to do with your business may draw in a large number of views and likes if you know how to incorporate it into the existing theme of your content. People always take an interest in quality and relatable posts, even when they come from a serious brand or business.

Make your captions more engaging

The image is just a part of an Instagram post. While it’s extremely important to deliver only high-quality images, the caption of a post can do wonders as well. Remember, your Instagram followers’ gaze will stop by your post in one brief second, so if you want to earn some likes, you must earn these people’s attention at that very moment.

With value-packed, engaging, and interesting phrases and sentences, you can evoke emotion and inspire your viewers. Calling up a nostalgic feeling, providing helpful tips, telling a funny story, all of these things will make your audience engage more and occupy a bigger place in their minds among numerous Instagram posts they see each day. And when they feel multiple pictures of yours are relatable, there is a high chance you will receive more real likes and comments from real interested people.

Add a geo-location to your posts

Another best trick to make things more relatable and bring more real likes is tagging a location to every post of your Instagram page. Use the small location box when you post a photo to add this information, and your post will appear when people search for that place, just like how Instagram displays search results for a hashtag. 

People are always more interested in and give more attention to content related to where they live from the Explore page, so your posts are more likely to get more high quality likes from them as a result.

Use Instagram’s Stories more frequently

As the answer of Instagram to Snapchat, this is a popular feature that makes Instagram stand out among other social media sites. It allows you to create less polished, instant content that will be deleted after 24 hours. Apart from using it to share goofy moments with your audience, you can take advantage of it and bring more likes to regular Instagram posts as well.

All you need to do is to attach multiple pictures in your stories and tell your followers to check it out. The swipe-up links these stories will make sure the viewers can follow the link to your post in a seamless way.

Use the Live feature

Like the stories feature, you can also drive in more traffic to any specific post by doing an Instagram Live, where you can simply talk to your fans, host a Q&A event, and encourage them to check out your newest post. 

Do not underestimate this trick, if you have it done right, you will be bombarded with high quality likes from real people within seconds.

Get Instagram likes fast by using the right hashtags

Hashtags are an integral part of the new generation of social media, where we can create and notice a new trend. Attaching the correct hashtags will not only bring back more real likes but also increase the efficiency of your whole Instagram strategy. If you target the wrong hashtags, you will fail to capture the opportunity those simple letters bring and miss out on a vital source of engagement.

The secret of this likes-grabbing strategy changes regularly over time. A few years ago, you could spam your Instagram feed with meaningless and generic hashtags and still reeled in plenty of real likes. But those days are gone. The new algorithm of Instagram can detect and punish accounts that are littered with offensive or inappropriate hashtags.

On top of that, make sure that the caption doesn’t contain extremely popular hashtags that have already racked up millions of posts, you will be crushed by them and getting those precious Instagram likes would be impossible. Remember, you only have a limited number of hashtags permitted in a single post, so do get it buried in gazillions of other photos.

buy instagram likes


Use related hashtags

This is a helpful built-in feature Instagram provides for its users. When you search for a specific hashtag, it will display some other similar ones in the Explore page depending on the content that uses these hashtags together. From this, you can have a clue about what viewers usually see on Instagram and which hashtags will help you find the way to reach them.

This brilliant ability of Instagram’s algorithm will come in handy when you have no idea of the relation between a specific type of post and its popular hashtags, especially when you are targeting niche content.

Competitor research

Rival profiles are indeed your competitors, but sometimes they can also pave the way for your own success. Like you, those content creators also carry out intensive research before they commit to each actual post on their Instagram feed in order to bring home massive real likes from real people. And since their audience and theirs are basically the same, this is a gold mine of precious information and data.

Always keep tabs on what your competitors are doing, which hashtags they are using, and whether they receive a huge amount of engagement, especially from the Explore page. This will help you recognize the trends that have been catching on and serve the content that people would like to see through appropriate hashtags. As a result, the number of likes in your posts will naturally go up as well.

Third-party tools

Apart from doing manual research, you can also get help from professional tools to find relevant hashtags for your content. These third-party tools are able to determine the effectiveness of the hashtags you intend to use and suggest similar ones to catch as much attention from real Instagram users as possible.

Avoid shadow banning

From the moment it started to see a growth in popularity, Instagram has become the best destination of spammers and bots, just like what happens on other social media platforms.

 To curb the spread of spamming hashtags, this company has come up with the shadow banning punishment, which will hide posts from search results if it thinks they are spamming content. If your posts get banned by this method, it will result in a crippling effect on your profile’s number of likes.

Be careful with how you tag your posts. Don’t use the same hashtags on multiple posts, even if they are the best ones, and make sure that your content has only highly-relevant hashtags.

Get Instagram likes by engaging more with your audience

Instagram is more than just viewing posts and pressing the heart/like button. If you can manage to captivate more attention from your audience by following these engagement approaches, your posts will have much more Instagram likes compared to only passively committing standard content.

Tag relevant accounts

This is a great way to draw in other sources of Instagram likes to your account. When you tag other brands and people in your post, Instagram will send notifications to them and show your post in the ‘tagged’ section of those profiles’ feeds.

What will happen next? Either they will give your post a like in return, or their audience will see your content in their Instagram feed. The loyal fans of an Instagram profile usually check out the posts where that profile is tagged, and as a result, you have the opportunity to grab their attention.

However, be aware that tagging accounts that have no connection to your post might be considered as spam by Instagram and do more harm than good.

Like and comment regularly

Remember, one way to get more likes and comments is to give them to other people first. Instagram is a two-way street, where each user will be grateful when others interact with their posts and show support.

If you can show your genuine interest in a piece of content by commenting and liking it, the author will be encouraged to check out your profile and do exactly the same thing, which in turn will catch the attention of their audience. Instagram users always keep an eye on what their favorite stars are doing, so this also gives you a new potential following if your content and their interest is well-matched.

In addition to that, the algorithm of Instagram always favors profiles with active interactions and suggests them to more real people in the Explore page. At the end of the day, they don’t want to see their platform is filled with bots and inactive accounts, so just showing that you’re a real person who uses Instagram every day is already a boost in your authentic score.

Spend a few minutes a day viewing and interacting with your followers and profiles with similar target audiences. Like multiple pictures of theirs, comment in a genuine way, and even reply to their stories. People will find a way to return the favor, including real likes in your account.

Call to action (CTA)

You should be familiar with this strategy if you already have some knowledge about marketing, especially on social media.

Your audience doesn’t always remember what to do unless you remind them in a polite way. A simple call to action at the bottom of your caption will significantly improve its engagement and pull in some extra Instagram likes. There is no complicated skill needed in this process. Just use simple phrases, like “like this post if you have done this before!”. 

You should also change to other actions depending on what you need from that post, including tagging friends and check out the link in the bio.

Among those actions, tagging friends is always the most vital and useful tool to reel in new followers. To gain more Instagram likes, you need more people to see your posts, and there is no better way than asking your existing audience to help you do this. They know which friend of theirs has an interest in your content and will be happy to be tagged in their comments. This is not just a way to improve traffic to a single post but also opens up an opportunity to attract new followers.

To accomplish this and encourage viewers to tag a friend, you must provide a kind of value in your posts, including helpful information, good deals, and even a giveaway, which you can learn more about below.

Host an Instagram giveaway

Giving freebies you buy to your audience is a fun way to direct their attention to your posts, which you can take advantage of to bring your Instagram likes up a few levels.

Tell them to like your post in order to participate in a giveaway, and we’re sure that post will be the most liked one at one time. You can also make good use of this giveaway and improve other aspects of engagement by asking them to tag a friend, following your account if they have not, or simply leaving a comment.

You have to spend some money to buy stuff and host a giveaway, but your audience will have a fun experience while a successful giveaway will bring more likes and followers in exchange, making this totally worth it.

Promote yourself on other platforms to bring back Instagram likes

Cross-promoting is not a new method when it comes to digital marketing in a world of plenty of social media sites competing for new users. Instagram is certainly popular, but people around the world use other platforms on a daily basis as well. Since joining and creating content on those sites is always basically free, don’t miss out on this opportunity to lure other Internet users to your Instagram profile and build up engagement.

Depending on your target audience, you can choose the proper methods to promote your Instagram page, including Youtube channels, Pinterest pages, Facebook fan pages, and Twitter profiles. 

Post your content on those platforms and ask people to check out your Instagram if they want to check out more. This will not only build a following in those sites but also drive more traffic into your Instagram profile, which will give your real likes from real people over time.

Paid advertising to get likes on Instagram

No matter whether you are a small shop that needs to entice new customers or a big brand who wants to cement your position in the market, you can always invest in this classic yet effective marketing method.

The ad service on Instagram works just like other platforms, where you can choose the target audience and budget to run your campaign. It’s a complicated skill and usually requires a specialist to buy ads and get the job done effectively without burning a hole in your pocket, but if your ad campaign has a good outcome, the number of likes in your Instagram posts will go up thanks to the surge in traffic the ads bring.

Join engagement groups to exchange Instagram post likes

Instagram Engagement Pods (or Groups) may be unfamiliar to you, but they are actually an amazing method to get more likes on this platform. These groups are not mysterious as it might sound, as they are just groups of real Instagram content creators and brands who seek to collaborate with each other to bring more traffic to their profiles.

In short, they work together with a ‘like for like’ rule and nobody needs to buy anything. You introduce your Instagram page in the group and wait for the members to follow and give you real likes on your posts. A strong and active engagement group can help all the likes in your posts skyrocket within a few minutes. To return those big favors, you should do the same thing to their Instagram profiles, and as a result, everyone wins!

With a huge number of genuine creators and users, you and they will enjoy a positive outcome of authentic engagement instead of worthless spamming bots that are spreading across Instagram.

Buying likes

All the methods above are indeed helpful and rewarding. But the catch is that you must spend a lot of time in manual planning and implementing them all by yourself. Even if you have an assistant who helps you to put those methods into practice, they may still require a lot of effort on your part.

Instead, you can lift this burden away from your shoulder and buy likes from third-party providers. A professional and reliable provider like Eazyviral will make sure that you can have a free mind and complete focus on creating content. Just give it your money (a reasonable sum only, of course), buy the likes, and watch as your Instagram career climbs the ladder!

Why should you trust and buy Instagram likes at Eazyviral​?


Best place to buy Instagram likes with only high-quality likes

If there is one thing you should know about how Instagram counts likes and comments, it’s that not every interaction bears the same weight under the consideration of its algorithm.

Like other social media platforms that provide ads, Instagram notices the problem of bots and fake accounts and has worked to detect real likes from real people. It may not remove the Instagram likes from your posts, but it can hide them from search results if it thinks your account doesn’t have real likes from real people. This is when quality trumps quantity of Instagram likes.

Only providing real and authentic likes is a promise that all providers make, but not every of them can fulfill. As one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes, Eazyviral has established a vast network of real Instagram accounts that only deliver natural behaviors and organic growth in engagement with no password required. So, you can trust that when it comes to buying Instagram likes, this service is the best among the best!

Buying Instagram likes with instant delivery

At Eazyviral, we make sure that you will start to see an increase in real likes from real people just hours after you buy Instagram likes from us. We know that timing is everything in the world of digital marketing, and we strive to provide a fast response to your content, just like how real people on Instagram would do. 

A late surge of traffic usually doesn’t mean much to the algorithm of Instagram and the monetization capability of your content. Stick with our instant delivery, and your investment will bring the maximum outcome. See why you must buy likes from our service now?

Buy cheap Instagram likes with competitive pricing

Digital marketing should be for everyone and not only for customers with a deep pocket as it currently is. With small businesses and content creators in mind, Eazyviral provides different plans depending on the goals of different customers. 

We’re confident that if you buy from us, you will always find the best plan to increase the likes on your Instagram page, and then reach the number of real Instagram likes you have in mind.

Excellent customer support

Whenever an issue arises or you have another question, feel free to contact the customer support team of our service, who will be more than happy to assist you with your problem. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, and we know that good customer support is also a way to show our appreciation of the trust you have put in our service. 

And this is another reason why EazyViral is the best service that you can buy real Instagram likes from!

Frequently asked questions

How to buy Instagram likes at Eazyviral?

We have made the purchase process as simple as possible for our customers. Just choose the plan with the amount of real Instagram likes you want, provide your Instagram username, and finally make the payment. We will then process your order and split likes on multiple pictures of yours immediately afterward. 

And there is absolutely nothing to worry about, our service only delivers real Instagram likes with fast delivery. The site will not get you in any trouble later on!

Is it safe to buy Instagram likes?

Trustworthy providers like our service are a safe place to buy Instagram likes following Instagram’s terms and boost or even shoot up the interaction on your page. With multiple years of experience in the business, we have built a reliable network of real and authentic users that will deliver only organic growth in engagement to our customers, thus making sure that they receive real likes only. 

Sure, there exists a risk when you buy Instagram likes, especially when the service you come to deliver those of poor quality. But here, we only provide real likes from real people, so rest assured that nothing will go wrong.

How long can you complete the order?

We totally commit to a fast delivery, so once we have registered and verified your purchase, our staff of real people will start to bring more likes to your posts within minutes. To make sure that this happens in a safe and organic way, we will split likes between posts gradually over a few days. Fair and square, our service might be the first of its kind carrying out this extra likes bonus without charging an extra fee.

Do you have any guarantee when I buy Instagram likes?

When you buy likes from EazyViral, if our service fails to complete the order within the estimated delivery time, you will be entitled to a claim of refund from our customer support. Although this failure of a promised fast delivery rarely happens, we want our customers to know that we always have their back in this matter. We care about you and the likes you have, not just your money.

What payment methods does Eazyviral accept?

As we want to make our service as flexible and accessible as possible, there are multiple payment methods compatible with our system should you decide to buy likes from us, including PayPal, Bitcoin, Western Union, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Skrill, Payoneer, and international bank transfers.

Do I need to provide my Instagram password?

No, there is no password required as we never have that as a requirement in order to deliver our service. In fact, you should never share your personal password with anyone else, even customer support of Instagram. If you ever come across a service that requires you to submit your personal password in order to buy likes, then chances are that it is a scam.