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The need to buy TikTok shares has only skyrocketed recently due to the popularity of TikTok among gen Z and Millenials. Becoming a TikTok star has never been so easy when all you need is a viral 15-second video. However, it’s always easier said than done. How are you going to get your video to go viral when more than hundreds, if not thousands of millions of videos are uploaded to TikTok every day?

Let’s see how buying TikTok shares is going to help you with this, shall we?

Why Should You Buy TikTok Shares?

The TikTok share plays an important part in getting your content to a wider reach and having your work noticed. Just like YouTube views, the TikTok share can be the determining factor to decide whether you and your videos can become well-known among people on the TikTok platform as well as others like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it!

Buy TikTok Shares to Attract More Views, TikTok Likes, and Comments to Your Video

The first thing people look at when checking out your videos is the number of TikTok likes, views, TikTok comments, and shares you have. The more you have of these, the better. Social media is all about numbers in case you haven’t noticed, so having a decent amount of these vanity metrics makes you look good in the eyes of TikTok users.

You will be likely to get TikTok followers or TikTok likes by having more shares on your videos, resulting in even more views and shares. Buying TikTok shares makes an easy yet effective way of increasing interaction with your followers, which is exactly what we’re aiming for here.

Buy TikTok Shares to Go Viral

You might think having quality content and good looking videos is enough to go viral? Close enough, but not quite true. You’re going to need to get your videos seen by a bunch of people before that happens, and this is where it gets hard.

Visibility and exposure are the utmost factors you need to acquire if you want to go viral on Tik Tok, and it can only be accomplished once you’ve had a substantial number of shares on Tik Tok. Consequently, not only your video but also your TikTok account will go viral – kill two birds with one stone!

buy tiktok shares

Why Choose EazyViral to Buy TikTok Shares?

The Best TikTok Share Provider

It is no joke when saying EazyViral is the best TikTok shares provider on the market. Using our TikTok services, many influencers have found their way to success. Of course, it was thanks to their hard work and effort, buying Tik Tok shares gave them a good kickstart, but in the end, it is the dedication you have that counts.

EazyViral has a wide range of customers, from regular teens who wish to go viral to owners of million-dollar brands. The two factors to have customers coming back to us is the fast delivery time and live chat 24/7 customer support.

You, the customers, are the number one concern to us. We respect and appreciate those who trust and purchase TikTok shares with us as we know there are many options out there, and you were probably tempted to just go with a random one. Therefore, whenever you have problems with the bought shares, you can always get in touch with us via the live chat 24/7 customer support, or contact us by email. Also, we never ask for your password; we only need your account username, and that should be good enough.

After you have finished the paying process, your shares will start to show up in as little as 10 minutes. The longest you’ll have to wait is 24 hours since the moment you made a purchase, but you will never have to wait that long. Fast delivery time is one of the factors to keep our business thriving, remember?

Just so you know, EazyViral offers quite a competitive price comparing with other providers out there. Sure, you can find a provider with much better pricing, but they will either scam you or give unqualified shares, this we can assure you.

Provide High-Quality Shares

EazyViral guarantees to only provide our customers with high-quality shares from real and active TikTok users. Getting shares from real accounts is one of the ways to go viral quicker with more exposure to visitors and a better chance of appearing in the For You section.

When you buy TikTok shares, the number of shares varies depending on the kind of TikTok account you have. If you already have some followers TikTok, or should we say TikTok fans, to yourself, let’s say, 5,000 or so, starting at 2,000 or 3,000 shares doesn’t sound too unrealistic.

On the other hand, it doesn’t make any sense if your follower list includes 100 TikTok followers and your video gets 500 shares. For that reason, you ought to think of a suitable number to go with your TikTok account so the act of buying shares won’t look suspicious to TikTok.

buy tiktok shares


These are some frequently asked questions when people buy TikTok shares. You can check them on, and comment down below if you have any other questions.

Is my TikTik profile safe when I buy TikTok shares?

You can rest assured that it is 100% risk-free when you buy TikTok shares at EazyViral. As we follow very strict guidelines to provide you with the number of shares you want, your TikTok profile will remain compliant with TikTok terms and conditions. Plus, our SSL certificate ensures your data is safe with us, so you don’t have to worry too much about encountering information leaks.

Will there be a warranty when I buy TikTok shares?

Every order of TikTok shares you make comes with a 30-day warranty to refill the dropped shares (if any). Whenever you encounter drops, don’t hesitate to send us a complaint and we will fix the problem for you right away. We also have a refund policy if you’re not satisfied with our service within seven days since the day you bought TikTok shares with us. Our TikTok shares are no short-term

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

You won’t have to wait long because it usually doesn’t take any longer than 10 minutes. We have a refund policy if you wait longer than 24 hours; you can contact our customer support anytime for this refund, we will always you to assist you in getting your money back as well as other problems you encounter.

Is it legal to buy TikTok shares?

It is legal because the shares you get are from legitimate accounts of real people. You are growing organic engagement utterly right away, and TikTok algorithms won’t have a problem with that. On the contrary, if the algorithms detect fake shares, or hearts, TikTok comments, TikTok views, it is almost certain that your video will be taken down, and also get ready to say goodbye to your account. Purchasing shares from spam accounts and fake followers TikTok means you’re putting your TikTok at risk of being prohibited from entering this social media platform ever again.

Am I required to provide my account information when buying TikTok shares?

The only information you will need to provide EazyViral is the name of your account (even better with an URL link) and an URL link to the video you wish to increase shares. We never ask for our customer password as we don’t need it to carry the process of increasing TikTok views to your video, thus it violates your privacy policy, which is the last thing we would want to do. So, no password is required.

What kind of payment methods does EazyViral accept?

EazyViral accepts different payment methods to make it most convenient for you when buying TikTok shares with us. The methods we accept are Skrill, Payoneer, Perfect Money, PayPal, Western Union, Bitcoin, WebMoney, and International Bank Transfer.

Final Word

EazyViral is a trustworthy provider where you use to purchase different packages of TikTok services other than buy TikTok shares, so feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. You can also contact us by email if that’s more convenient for you.

Also, we offer packages of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. at a very competitive price, so you can want to check them out if you plan to grow your account on these social media platforms as well.