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Are you eager to buy YouTube likes but not sure where or how to start? Check out this article to find all the needed information. Go, read through it all!

Have you ever thought about buying YouTube likes? Trust me, it doesn’t sound as bad as you think. Yes, I know it is a controversial subject going on and off for a while. But you have to face the rough truth, these days, the quickest way to get your channel to the top is to buy the likes.

In today’s article, I will provide you with everything you need to know if you ever plan to buy YouTube likes soon.

How YouTube Likes Affect Your YouTube Channel

The Performance of Your Channel

As you have already realized long before, YouTube not only cares about the information you upload on its platform but also the interaction between you and the viewers. The more views you get from viewers, the more quickly you’re going big.

The like is also one of the criteria to evaluate the performance of a YouTube channel. A YouTube channel whose videos are striking usually has a large enough likes from one video to another, despite the different contents.

Increase Your Ranking on YouTube and Google Search Engine

The more likes your video gets, the faster it’s going viral. Not only on YouTube but also on other platforms, even with the Google Search Engine.

So, yeah, you get it right. Having more YouTube likes equals increasing your ranking faster on YouTube and Google Search Engine. For instance, when you look for a keyword on YouTube, the platform will immediately suggest the videos with the most likes and views

See the importance of YouTube likes now?

What is Video Ranking?

A ranking of one video refers to where a video ranks in a search result of any platform. As for YouTube, video ranking also has something to do with being a suggested video.

The more likes and views your video gets, the more likely it will become a suggested video. And in case you didn’t know, suggested videos are the number-one traffic source to drive a viewer’s session duration.

Help Your Channel to Be More Appealing to The Audience

People tend to stay longer to watch videos with more views and likes; that’s just a fact. And it totally makes sense. Likes and views, after all, are indicators of the reliability of one video. Once you manage to maximize them, your channel will be bombarded with views

Why Should You Buy YouTube Likes

Help You Get More Real YouTube Subscribers

As stated above, more likes mean higher chances of your videos getting viewed by many people, which also increases the likelihood of you getting more subscribers. This is the most vital reason why you should buy likes instead of trying to grow them organically.

This is What Every Other YouTubers Did Before They Go Big!

Believe it or not, good content and high-quality videos are never enough to rank high on YouTube. You think Jefferey Star and PewDiePie got millions of subscribers from just that? Perhaps, but not likely.

Some people believe that you can make more views and likes organically, relying on the audience themselves. If one is into your video, he will like and probably share it with his friends. 

The thing is, it’s always easier said than done. If you intend to stick to the old way, it may work, but can you imagine how many years it will take to get the result you desire?

The point of buying non-organic likes is to boost organic engagement, resulting in your channel to attract actual likes and views. 

There is a mass amount of videos of all contents uploaded to YouTube every day. As a new YouTuber, do you think you can happen to be the lucky one that has your videos going viral or even has them seen by your targeted audience? 

I want to stress that you’re going to need more, a lot more, than just good content and high-quality videos to last on YouTube. What it really is about is the relevance and social proof.

Increase Your YouTube Ranking and Get More Shares on Social Media

You can choose to go with the old-fashioned way, which is gaining likes and views by waiting for people to see your content, provided that your video is not buried in hundreds, if not thousands, of millions of other videos on YouTube.

Or you can buy your likes and save yourself from the long journey of trying to climb to the top using social media. A whole life trying, or just 24 hours? You make the choice.

Today’s Modern Marketing Trend

Your YouTube channel will get recognized faster and more effectively with a wider reach to the audience by having more likes and views. I guess you can call it cheating in a way, but things are tough these days!

A little boost for yourself won’t hurt. Plus, it is not like this is anything illegal. People are exchanging their money for YouTube fame and buy a certain number of likes day by day, do not let yourself and your business fall behind.

Go Viral Quicker

Having more YouTube likes will result in you going viral much quicker, in less than 24 hours even. And being viral means you are the talk of the YouTube community, which also means that viewers will stop by your creations even more. And this is obviously the best way to guarantee your success. 

How to Balance Likes and Dislikes In Favor of Your Channel

Increase the Real YouTube Views

First of all, you need to find a way to gradually increase the views to your YouTube videos. It would be completely bullock if your views don’t match with your likes and your number of YouTube subscribers. 

What is a better way to increase the view than starting with good content? Yes, you’ve heard it correctly. It is the quality content that makes people like your videos.

Next, get yourself educated on some marketing courses. Take some time reading and researching - it is definitely worth it. It is not one video you’re targeting; it is the whole channel you’re trying to grow.

Faster Growth

A balance likes and dislikes results in your channel growing quicker than ever, as it finally falls into the reel of YouTube algorithms.

Every time you release a new video, it will be presented on YouTube feed for everyone to see, and boom! More views, and more likes are going to rain down your channel. And of course, that is how you gain extra YouTube subscribers.

Rated as Popular Videos by YouTube, More Appearances on YouTube Feed

When you have reached a certain amount of likes and dislikes on some of your videos, they will be categorized as ‘popular videos’ or ‘recommended’ on YouTube, increasing the chance of your channel getting known. 

That also means your videos are more likely to appear frequently on YouTube feed, and what does that mean? More ‘clicks’ on your videos, more likes, more views. 

Dislikes Are Not Always Bad

Along with likes, dislikes are the major factors to portray the viewers’ perception when they judge a video on YouTube. As long as your dislikes don’t outweigh the likes, everything is still under control.

A video with some dislikes will attract viewers just as much as it does with a regular video that gets many likes, or even better. Dislikes can be seen as click baits for the audience to keep watching your video, especially those first-timers. And the result of this? Your videos are likely to get even more likes and shares.

Things to Consider Before Buying YouTube Likes

Before deciding to buy YouTube likes, there are a few things that require careful thought.

First of all, focus on your content. You ought to have a good, if not quality, content - an idea of you’ll be posing about, before even thinking about taking YouTube as a serious means of making profits, or simply sharing your opinion upon something.

Next, the video quality. Only upload high-quality video. People often don't like poor quality videos, and this means your YouTube subscribers are no exception, so if the best you got is 720p, better luck next time, mate!

It is also important that you upload videos with a consistent schedule to refresh your channel's content. If the audience liked what they saw, they would want to see more.

A way to get more views and likes on YouTube on your upcoming videos is to make an announcement via your social media as it creates not only interest but also curiosity for your followers on these platforms.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Likes from EazyViral?

eazyviral logo for buying likes


There are tons of services where you can get batches after batches of YouTube likes out there, but just a few emerge to be on top, and one of them is EazyViral. This is the prestigious and reliable place that any YouTuber, new or old, should know about.

So, what makes EazyViral so special? Scroll down and all your curiosity will be satisfied.

Buy Real YouTube Likes Benefit Your Channel

One of the things to make EazyViral stand out from other services is upon coming to their service, you can buy real likes and views. 

As you may know, YouTube developed an algorithm to detect fake likes, views, subscribers, you name it!

EazyViral has developed a system to combat the technological advancement of YouTube, providing likes from real accounts with genuine watch time. Hardly any service out there has something like this.

Still, for that reason, they’re charging you a little bit more than regular providers out there. Of course, it is still more reasonable than most other services that are using the real account method, being one of the reasons for customers to come back again and again.

Let’s go sideways a little bit and address all questions all YouTubers want to know. What happens when you’re caught buying fake likes? A nightmare - that is what it is! YouTube will either take down that video or your entire YouTube channel - and there goes your entire money machine.

Buy Cheap YouTube Likes With High Quality

You get what you pay for, that’s what people often say. However, at EazyViral, we have a balance between price and quality, bringing about extremely effective and cost-optimized likes to our customers. 

See why you must buy real YouTube likes at our place? 

EazyViral Offers The Best Customer Service

If there appears to be any problems with the likes you purchased, you can always reach out to the EazyViral customer support department. They’re always there to ensure you with the best buying experience. Even though their policy stated that they would get back to you within 12 hours at most, it’s usually super fast, about roughly one hour or so. Literally second to none!

EazyViral Has Received A Bunch of Good Reviews; Rated 5 Stars on TrustPilot

TrustPilot is the world’s most powerful review platform, you can find anything on there. And guess what? On this famous site, reviews from former customers for EazyViral are mostly 5/5 stars.

For instance, a customer said EazyViral had changed the way his YouTube channel was recognized to the audience. He also wanted to stress that EazyViral was ‘exceptional,’ and he would recommend this service for those who wish to buy some likes and have their channel monetized faster.

And there are millions of those like this!

You can look for reviews from other platforms if you’re still not persuaded. People always have something to discuss when it comes to services, and purchasing likes is no exception.

30-Day Warranty Policy

As mentioned above, you can contact the customer support if you encounter any problems. Most of the time, these problems can be solved. But what if they cannot? No worries! You will still have your rights reserved as EasyViral offers two solutions.

You can get a refund within 7 days since the day you purchased EazyViral service, provided that we cannot solve the problem you meet, or you’re not satisfied with their service for any reason. 

There is also a retention guarantee to support you if you start losing likes (or views) after just a short time buying. Within 30 days, the act of re-delivering likes or subscribers will be backed by EazyViral, meaning that you won’t have to pay any additional cost.

Interested, then what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy YouTube Likes?

Technically speaking, you can buy a certain number of likes from any likes service provider, take EazyViral as an example. However, this action is not allowed by Google AdSense - a program created to help your channel get monetized faster, just slower than when you buy likes from services,

The thing is, buying YouTube likes is against the AdSense terms of service, resulting in the possibility of your video being taken down or your channel being terminated.

Good thing, things like this are not going to happen if you put your trust in the right place and only buy from it. Again, take EazyViral as a prime example.

How to buy YouTube likes for video?

It will take literally no time if you choose to buy YouTube likes from EazyViral.

All you need to do is to choose the number of likes you want and, at the same time, type down the current likes of the video you wish to increase likes, and press add to cart.

Do I get to pay for youtube likes?

After you have chosen what you wanted to purchase, pressing ‘Add to cart’ will take you to an interface where you can see your receipt. Check if you’ve got everything needed, and click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ if you’re ready to pay.

EazyViral accepts many different transaction methods, including paying via PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer, even Bitcoin! Another reason why it is an outstanding place to buy from.

How long does it take for me to receive a YouTube video likes?

The fast delivery time is one factor that makes EazyViral to be the most trusted YouTube like provider nowadays. It will only take a few hours, if not 24 hours, at the latest, for your likes to arrive.

Is it safe to buy YouTube likes for your channel? Will my channel be taken down if I do so?

It is not safe if you buy YouTube likes from non-reputable services. As said above, fake likes can be detected, and the chances of you getting your channel terminated are very high. Besides, some services could be legit, but their delivery time is often below your expectation.

If you choose to go with EazyViral, the same thing won’t happen.

Will the likes eventually be lost after I have purchased the service?

You can rest assured that your likes will not be going anyway if you choose EazyViral.

Plus, EazyViral has a long-term warranty for likes. If there occurs any problems with the likes you have purchased, do not hesitate to contact the support team; you will be assisted at any time - 24/7.

Final Words

Buy YouTube likes is not as bad as it sounds. Making a name for yourself these days can be hard, and I get it, which is why buying likes is something a lot of people are looking into.

But remember, it’s going to take more than a couple hundreds of likes or views to be the one that stands out. It requires a lot of effort and creativity to keep unloading your content every once in a while, or else your audience will eventually leave, this I am sure of.

Again, if you ever want to buy YouTube likes, have a look at our EazyViral. I’m sure that it will be worth your time. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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