TOP 50 most viewed YouTube channels in 2020

Below is a list of the most-watched video channels all over the world that I updated as of May 2020.

If you do not know how to start a Youtube channel? Refer to the successful Youtube channels below, maybe you will find your path and better understand the picture of making money with Youtube.

1.T-Series Channel

As a major music label company in India for Bollywood and Indian pop music, the company also owns a multi-channel network with many different topics.

  • Video uploads: 14,470
  • Subscribers: 143M
  • Video views: 112B


2. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes Channel

As the US Youtube Channel and TV Show, this is the most-viewed YouTube channel in the United States, ranked second in the world after T-Series.

The channel’s theme of children, animation, adults, and animal dances, along with the lyrics, appears on all screens.

  • Video uploads: 538
  • Subscribers: 86.2M
  • Video views: 67B

3. SET India Channel

It is an entertainment YouTube channel in India owned by a subsidiary of Sony Japan.

  • Video uploads: 37,651
  • Subscribers: 74.8M
  • Video views: 57.8B

4. Zee TV Channel

As a general entertainment channel, Zee TV is associated with several other sister channels which offer services in Hindi, English, and some other Indian languages. It is also the first Hindi subscription channel in India.

  • Video uploads: 98,578
  • Subscribers: 46.4M
  • Video views: 46.4B

5. WWE Channel

As the world’s largest wrestling-themed YouTube entertainment channel, WWE videos aren’t real combat sports, they’re just entertainment, with storylines, scripts, and performance matches. Although the matches have attacks, there is a risk of injury for the performers if done improperly.

  • Video uploads: 48,214
  • Subscribers: 62M
  • Video views: 44.5B

6. Ryan’s World Channel

As a world-famous YouTuber living in the US, his video on the topic introduces toys. His channel reached millions of views and ranked among the top earners in the world on youtube.

  • Video uploads: 1743
  • Subscribers: 25.5M
  • Video views: 37.7B


7. Movieclips Channel

Movieclips Channel is a Los Angeles-based company that provides online videos and movie trailers from Hollywood movie companies.

  • Video uploads: 35,755
  • Subscribers: 40.2M
  • Video views: 38B

8. ABS-CBN Entertainment Channel

ABS-CBN Entertainment Channel is the leading entertainment youtube channel of the Philippines, including videos about movies, music, game shows, etc.

  • Video uploads: 141,813
  • Subscribers: 27.7M
  • Video views: 36.6B

9. Like Nastya Channel

 This YouTube channel specializes in vlogs and is owned by a Russian-American YouTuber. As the title of the channel, she often introduces Nastya and her adventures in many contexts.

  • Video uploads: 439
  • Subscribers: 56.6M
  • Video views: 36B

10. Netd müzik Channel

  Netd müzik is the largest music YouTube channel in Turkey. It publishes many music videos of famous artists in that country.

  • Video uploads: 12,857
  • Subscribers: 17.4M
  • Video views: 36B

11. El Reino Infantil Channel

El Reino Infantil is the Argentine businessman’s Youtube channel, the theme of El Reino Infantil is children’s music videos with funny cartoon characters.

  • Video uploads: 892
  • Subscribers: 34.6M
  • Video views: 31.8B

12. Canal KondZilla

Canal KondZilla is the largest music YouTube channel of the famous Brazilian producer, director, and editor.

  • Video uploads: 1446
  • Subscribers: 58.4M
  • Video views: 30.5B

13. Kids Diana Show Channel

Kids Diana Show is a Russian Youtube channel, Diana’s first videos are children’s songs, learning English videos, vlogs. Now, the content of the channel is the daily life of a girl named Diana with her family. In 2019, Business Insider estimates that the channel’s annual income is from $ 2.8 million to $ 44.7 million.

  • Video uploads: 719
  • Subscribers: 56.3M
  • Video views: 30B

14. SAB TV Channel

It is an Indian television channel YouTube channel about comedy shows and soap plays.

  • Video uploads: 24,628
  • Subscribers: 52.4M
  • Video views: 29.5B

15. Zee Music Company Channel

Zee Music Company is a music YouTube channel maintained by Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited based in India. It also owns Zee TV channel.

  • Video uploads: 4812
  • Subscribers: 56.4
  • Video views: 26.9B

16. Little Baby Bum – Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs Channel

  Little Baby Bum – Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs is an educational Youtube channel aimed at babies and children. The channel videos are children’s songs, along with different animations for each video. The channel’s most-watched video is “Wheels on the bus” with over 2 billion views.

  • Video uploads: 1226
  • Subscribers: 30.5M
  • Video views: 26.7B

17. PewDiePie Channel

Surely everyone knows about this guy, a famous YouTuber on this platform. With funny videos, video games, or vlogs, he attracted a large number of fans and made a lot of money from Youtube.

  • Video uploads: 4175
  • Subscribers: 105M
  • Video views: 25.8B

18. WorkpointOfficial

As the media channel of Thailand’s largest entertainment company, the channel’s videos are often about movies and entertainment shows.

  • Video uploads: 45,286
  • Subscribers: 29.6M
  • Video views: 24.3B

19. Маша и Медведь

Маша и Медведь is the 2nd Youtube channel for children’s cartoons in Russia.

  • Video uploads: 772
  • Subscribers: 30M
  • Video views: 25.7B

20. Wave Music Channel

Youtube music channel has many genres such as chill, electronic pop, chill pop, future bass, indie dance, melodious bass, and chiller side of EDM and Pop.

  • Video uploads: 17,979
  • Subscribers: 35.1M
  • Video views: 23.8B

21. Get Movies

This YouTube channel is for Russians who want to watch cartoons and other family shows.

  • Video uploads: 3136
  • Subscribers: 31.4M
  • Video views: 23.4B

22. ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

The channel is created to engage children through a variety of nursery rhymes and educational songs with colorful animations in videos. Thereby, teaching children the favorite rhymes, colors, shapes,… and especially, the good human values ​​in everyday life.

  • Video uploads: 361
  • Subscribers: 36.7M
  • Video views: 23B

23. Vlad and Niki Channel

 This YouTube channel belongs to the brothers Vlad and Niki, and started in 2018. The content focuses mostly on the topics of connection and sharing. In most videos, Vlad and Nikita play with toys and tell stories. Sometimes, nursery rhymes can be performed in various forms in their videos.

  • Video uploads: 252
  • Subscribers: 43.3M
  • Video views: 22.7B

24. Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs

It’s the Youtube channel whose theme is children’s songs, nursery rhymes, and excitement. Through super simple songs to wake up, move, and sing along for children.

  • Video uploads: 508
  • Subscribers: 23.3M
  • Video views: 21.7B


25. Justin Bieber Channel

This Youtube channel belongs to the famous Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber. This channel posts song performed or composed by himself.

  • Video uploads: 152
  • Subscribers: 32.7M
  • Video views: 20.5B

26. Ed Sheeran Channel

The largest YouTube music channel in the UK of singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran.

  • Video uploads: 161
  • Subscribers: 44.8M
  • Video views: 20B


27. TheEllenShow

This YouTube channel is extremely funny, hilarious, hosted by Ellen if you want to get rid of stress with laughter after hard working hours, follow this channel.

  • Video uploads: 12,000
  • Subscribers: 37.4M
  • Video views: 19.8B

28. Katy Perry Channel

  • Video uploads: 145
  • Subscribers: 25.5M
  • Video views: 19.3B

29. Colors TV

  • Video uploads: 39,128
  • Subscribers: 28.5M
  • Video views: 19.2B

30. Taylor Swift

  • Video uploads: 126
  • Subscribers: 26.7M
  • Video views: 18.8B

31. one31 Channel

  • Video uploads: 91.555
  • Subscribers: 24M
  • Video views: 18.1B


  • Video uploads: 8.103
  • Subscribers: 18.5M
  • Video views: 18B

33. ShakiraVEVO

  • Video uploads: 169
  • Subscribers: 18.8M
  • Video views: 18B

34. Shemaroo Filmi Gaane

  • Video uploads: 6.799
  • Subscribers: 37.4M
  • Video views: 18B

35. 5-Minute Crafts

  • Video uploads: 4.320
  • Subscribers: 67.1M
  • Video views: 17.9B

36. GMA Network

  • Video uploads: 86.799
  • Subscribers: 17.7M
  • Video views: 17.4B

37. Ch3Thailand

  • Video uploads: 71.917
  • Subscribers: 23.6M
  • Video views: 17.4B

38. YRF Channel

  • Video uploads: 3.717
  • Subscribers: 31.4M
  • Video views: 17.1B

39. Toys and Colors

  • Video uploads: 434
  • Subscribers: 23.3M
  • Video views: 17B

40. 1theK (원더케이)

  • Video uploads: 17.469
  • Subscribers: 20M
  • Video views: 16.8B

41. DanTDM

  • Video uploads: 3.384
  • Subscribers: 23.3M
  • Video views: 16.8B


  • Video uploads: 3.384
  • Subscribers: 23.3M
  • Video views: 16.8B

43. BuzzFeedVideo

  • Video uploads: 6.789
  • Subscribers: 20.1M
  • Video views: 16.7B

44. Spinnin’ Records

  • Video uploads: 9.609
  • Subscribers: 27.3M
  • Video views: 16.6B

45. Badabun

  • Video uploads: 6.063
  • Subscribers: 43M
  • Video views: 16.2B

46. قناة طيور الجنة | toy…

  • Video uploads: 2.705
  • Subscribers: 19.5M
  • Video views: 16.2B

47. Speed Records

  • Video uploads: 2.705
  • Subscribers: 19.5M
  • Video views: 16.2B


  • Video uploads: 5.018
  • Subscribers: 23.7M
  • Video views: 15.9B

49. FGTeeV

  • Video uploads: 1.374
  • Subscribers: 15.5M
  • Video views: 15.8B

50. Galinha Pintadinha

  • Video uploads: 51
  • Subscribers: 22.7M
  • Video views: 15.7B



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